almeda university degree programs
almeda university degree programs
almeda university degree programs
almeda university degree programs

Almeda University Degree Programs

According to Almeda University, life is school-and the life-experience college bases its program on the idea that "You learn something new everyday." People never stop learning, even after they leave school, and Almeda understands that education is not all about time spent on a campus or in a classroom. There are thousands of men and women across the country who have spent years in careers and have become professionals in their fields without a college degree.

"You've spent 20 years becoming a master in your field," it says on the Almeda University website. "Shouldn't that count for something?"

Almeda sure thinks so, but times are changing-and college degrees have become an increasingly important tool in the search for employment. Employers may say they appreciate life experience, but they also want to see that candidates have the education to back up those claims. That's why a degree from Almeda University is the right choice for an experienced professional seeking degree recognition for life and career experience.

Almeda University offers students the chance to take those years in a career or area of expertise and transfer them into a valuable degree. AU currently offers two Associate's degrees, seven bachelor's degrees, and seven master's degrees in varying fields and each degree offers several more specific majors. No matter whether your experience is in business, social work, or the ministry, Almeda has a degree for you.

But Almeda is not a diploma mill; AU will not hand out degree to just anyone. Every degree is approved by the Association for Online Academic Excellence, which assures applicants that their time and money will go towards a legitimate degree. And AU requires each applicant to document appropriate work experience and/or college credits for their specific major.

For example, take AU's Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Students can choose to major in nearly 25 different areas, from banking to marketing to hotel and restaurant management. In order to pursue a major in this degree program, an applicant must document the required five years of classes and experience and must demonstrate a grasp of general business concepts, as well as a specialization in a particular business major. This degree would be perfect for an entrepreneur with a successful home business, or for someone who has spent many years working in a bank, accounting office, or other financial service institution.

Another example: a bachelor's degree in liberal arts from Almeda with majors in education, international studies, communications and more An ideal applicant for the education major might be someone who can exhibit an understanding of learning and who has had some level of academic teaching experience. An ideal communications major might exhibit proficiency in the areas of journalism, public relations, advertising, or mass media. The AU website is packed with student testimonials; heartfelt statements from people who never thought they would obtain a college education because of time constraints, family obligations, or the difficulty of choosing a major and sticking with it. One student from Massachusetts worked for over 35 years in a laboratory but was never able to complete a degree by taking classes part-time or at night.

"Almeda recognized my life experience and former education back round as a true representation of my skills," he says. "Knowledge is power but a degree is powerful."

The best part: applicants can get started right away from the Almeda University website and can even get help determining their qualifications for a major based on their life experience. AU offers a free evaluation application that allows an applicant to submit test scores, previous college credit, employee training, military service, and more. AU's qualified staff then determines the applicant's level of mastery in their field.

Thanks to AU's comprehensive list of degrees, the days of going back to school may be over for hard-working professionals who hope to document their achievements by receiving a life-experience degree

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